Vacuum induction furnace for melting metals and or

In a vacuum induction furnace for melting metals and or for treating molten Assignee OTTO JUNKER 5107 SIMMERATH DE International Classes H05B6

Vacuum induction furnace

Vacuum induction furnace United States Patent 3303259 Inventors Otto Junker Application Number US37516364A Publication Date 02 07 1967

Coreless induction furnace

US4622679 Feb 6 1985 Nov 11 1986 Otto Junker Coreless induction furnaceUS4622679 198526 19861111 Otto Junker Coreless

Low loss induction coil for heating and or melting

1 A low loss induction coil structure for heating an induction furnace US5744784 May 11 1995 Apr 28 1998 Otto Junker Low loss