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3 inch Russian Stage Ball Renegade Juggling

Russian Stage balls make a great practice contact juggling ball It has a 3 inch diameter for high visibility making them excellent for performing This ball can

Juggling ball Wikipedia

Juggling balls or simply balls are a popular prop used by jugglers either on their Beanbags are generally found in sizes ranging from 2 5 3 in diameter with DX Russian Balls are a style of juggling balls that combines many of the

Russian pyramid Wikipedia

Russian pyramid also known as Russian billiard or pyramid billiards is a cue sport that has 1⁄2– 3⁄4 in wider than the diameter of the ball This makes the

The Russian Twist Men s Fitness

Grab a medicine ball dumbbell or weight plate and sit on the floor with your hips and knees bent 90 degrees Hold the weight straight out in front of you and

Juggling Balls Choosing The Ones That Are Right For How You

Tennis balls are about the right size for a juggling ball but they are much too light What happens This is the Play SRX Russian Ball 3 07 inch 78 mm 4 23 oz

Billiard ball Wikipedia

A billiard ball is a small hard ball used in cue sports such as carom billiards pool and snooker The number type diameter color and pattern of the balls differ depending Russian pyramid use a set of fifteen numbered but otherwise all white balls and a red or yellow cue ball that may be even larger than carom billiards

Hybrid Juggling Balls An Overview of The Newest Balls in Juggling

Another type of Russian ball that I recommend are the Dube Russian Balls They are 2 7 inches and weight 100 grams They are partially filled with a fine sand

Russian Balls from Dubé Juggling Equipment

This style of ball has been used historically by Russian jugglers both for filled with fine grained sand as ballast to give the ball proper weight and also act to

Making Russian Balls Georgia Tech

Russian balls are juggling balls that were first popularized by Russian Using a kitchen scale for measurement fill the ball with sand to an exact weight

Fill Yourself Russian Ball Renegade Juggling

Fill Yourself Russian Balla are blow molded with a silicone plug The balls are sold empty you can add your own filling to the weight you like They can be filled